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If you are one of the people who want to produce or increase muscle mass without worrying about excess fat, this plan is for you! The BUMBUM UP , besides supporting the volume and growth of the buttocks, helps you to strengthen them by increasing resistance muscle at the time of your routine of exercises, which means that you can exercise for longer period of time or with greater weight, without disadvantages.



It includes:

  • three Bcaa + Collagen.
  • three Power Max.
  • Nutritional guide.
  • Exercise routine.


  • Improves collagen production, which will rejuvenate your Skin and give you greater elasticity.
  • It represents a great energy source.
  • By the presence of amino acids, it helps the fast muscle reconstruction after doing exercises.
  • Regulates blood sugar.
  • Allows mental clarity and reduces stress levels.
  • Minimizes the body’s ability to storage of fat.
  • It decreases and controls appetite.
  • Prevents fluid retention.
  • Accelerates metabolism.


  • Take 1 capsules of Power Max and 1 measure of Bcaa + Collagen, 10 minutes before training.
  • Do your exercise routine.
  • Feed yourself after perform your routine exercises.
  • Remember to rest at least 8 hours for optimal repair of your muscles
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