If you neglect your glutes, they will tend to lose its shape, so the objective of BUMBUM UP – BUTTOCKS TONING AND DEFINITION, is, precisely, to help you prevent these problems whenever and when you consume it the right way. It has been specially designed so that the medium-sized people, can have a more defined and toned appearance, strengthening the muscle and molding its figure.



It includes:

  • One fat burner.” (Xibion power day)
  • One fat remover.” (Xibion power night)
  • One Power Max.
  • Bcaa + Collagen.
  • Nutritional guide.
  • Exercise routine.


This plan also drives the volume and growth of buttocks, as well as the rest of benefits of BUMBUM UP – SIMPLE, only that, unlike this one, it concentrates more in:

● Weight loss.
● Combat cellulite.
● Loss of 95% of flaccidity.
● The prevention or reduction of stretch marks and varicose veins
● Anxiety control, minimizing the odds of unhealthy food intake.
● The transformation of fat into energy by its antioxidant properties.
● Decrease in triglycerides and cholesterol.
● Toning, definition and strengthening of muscles


  • Take 2 capsules of Xibion Power DAY when you wake up.
  • Take 1 capsules of Power Max and 1 measure of Bcaa + Collagen, 10 minutes before training.
  • Do your exercise routine.
  • Feed yourself after performing your exercise routine.
  • Take 2 capsules of Xibion Power NIGHT at 6:00 p.m.
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