For lean people who are interested in developing muscle mass, we have our BUMBUM UP – VOLUME AND GROWTH plan. Combining the supplements or products that make up this plan, chemical reactions are produced in your body that promote the conservation and storage of energy, which, in turn, enables accelerated and effective muscle growth.

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It includes:

  • Xibion Whey Protein Hidrolyzed vainilla flavor.
  • Bcaa + Collagen.
  • One Power Max.
  • Nutritional guide.
  • Exercise routine.


  • Regenerates muscles more quickly after a workout, which prevents them from wearing out.
  • Decreases cortisol levels during training.
  • Accelerates metabolism.
  • Reduces appetite and also produces a feeling of satiety.
  • Control appetite and improve your body appearance, making you healthier.
  • It helps concentration and focus during exercises, thanks to its active principles.
  • Improves body resistance by performing long and demanding workouts.
  • Reach higher levels of energy by releasing hormones.
  • Cleans or lowers fat.
  • Increases testosterone levels, which contributes to the development of muscle mass, as well as to elevates resistance and strength.


  • Take 1 capsules of Power Max and 1 measure of Bcaa + Collagen, 10 minutes before training.
  • Do your exercise routine.
  • Take 1 measure of Xibion Whey Protein. If you like, you can add oats.
  • Feed yourself 40 or 60 minutes after performing your exercise routine.
  • Remember to rest at least 8 hours for optimal repair of your muscles
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